Half Day Courses

Held in our workshop in Porthcawl, South Wales, and taught on a ‘one to one’ or ‘one to two’ basis

Bow Making

£98.00 PP

A number of methods of making bows using poly-ribbon and soft ribbons are taught on this course. In addition, making bows from cellophane and paper is also covered as well as the use of a ribbon shredder.

From big looped extravagant bows to chic Dior-style bows, you will learn a range of techniques that can be used in all sorts of ways from gift wrapping to making cards, wreaths or Christmas decorations.

The course involves a lot of close work. Gift wrapping materials and refreshments are included.

Gift Wrapping Boxes and Bottles

£98.00 PP

This course will leave you able to gift wrap different shaped boxes and to produce several styles of bottle wrap to a professional standard. You will also learn relevant bow making techniques for these items. This course may leave you hungry for more but you will be able to gift wrap boxes and bottle/cylindrical shapes very competently.

Gift wrapping materials and refreshments are included.

Hampers, Care Packages and Gift Collections Design and Packaging

£98.00 PP

Increasingly trendy within the gift-giving world, care packages and hampers need
special treatment when it comes to packaging and gift wrapping. This course will teach you a selection of techniques using a variety of materials to ensure that your gift collections make the right impression. Of course, the relevant bow-making and tying techniques will be included.

The strategies you will learn will enable you to gift wrap collections of gifts with striking results of a professional standard. Gift wrapping materials and refreshments are included.You may bring the contents of a care package/hamper if you wish. Otherwise, ‘dummy’ items will be provided.

Fundamentals of Card and Gift Tag Making


This course covers the basic concepts of making cards and gift tags. You will learn principles of mat design and techniques involving the use of paper remnants as well as some stamping and die cutting. These techniques will enhance your gift wrapping skills by enabling you to make better use of paper and to produce matching gift tags and cards.

All materials and refreshments are provided.

Fundamentals of Gift Bag and Box Making


Some gifts are awkward shapes and a good way to deal with this can be to make a custom-made gift bag. Similarly, in other cases, making a box of an appropriate size may be the best way to gift wrap your gift.
This course teaches you how to make gift bags and boxes using origami-style techniques. Methods of decoration are also taught.

You will also learn how to fold paper around an awkwardly shaped object to produce
a gift wrap in the style of a gift bag.

All materials and refreshments are provided.

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