Full Day Courses

Held in our workshop in Porthcawl, South Wales, and taught on a ‘one to one’ or ‘one to two’ basis

Introduction to Gift Wrapping

£180 PP

This full day gift wrapping course will teach you how to gift wrap the fundamental
shapes such as square, rectangular, soft and squashy, cylindrical etc. It includes gift
wrapping of boxes, bottles, jars and cylinders, clothing and small items.

In addition, you will learn to make several styles of bow and to tie ribbon stylishly
around a box or other gift. You will also learn to use a ribbon shredder.

If you have a gift wrapping issue and can’t wrap a particular item, you are
encouraged to bring it along.

Information and advice regarding the use of different types of materials is also given
and you will leave this full day course having mastered some very useful techniques
and gained high quality professional results.

All materials, refreshments and a light lunch are provided.

Ribbon Craft and Bow Making


This course is craft heaven! You will learn many techniques for making bows that can
be used for gift wrapping, making wreaths, making cards or even Christmas tree
decorations. From big and loopy to smooth and chic, there are bows to suit all tastes
and occasions.

You will also learn how to make flowers from ribbon using a variety of ribbon types
and different techniques. There is a small amount of stitching involved, use of a glue
gun, use of florist wire and tape, artificial stamens, beads and buttons.

The course involves a great deal of close work.
Materials, refreshments and a light lunch are provided.

Gift Bag and Box Making


A comprehensive guide to making gift bags and boxes, this course will not only teach
you origami-style methods of gift bag and box making but a variety of other
Bags are made by folding (origami-style) but also using a mould method. You will
also learn how to gift wrap an awkwardly shaped item by folding and securing the
paper to form a gift bag style wrap.

Boxes are made using origami style techniques, cutting card sections, covering with
paper and gluing into place and also using a scoring board.

Relevant bow making and ribboning techniques are also taught.

The course involves a lot of close work.

Materials, refreshments and a light lunch are provided.

Advanced Gift Wrapping


This is a bespoke course for the enthusiast who wishes to learn the more complex
techniques of gift wrapping.

The course is designed to suit the requirements of the individual and can include
many different techniques such as complex pleating both straight or ‘fan-style,’ gifts
with a fan top, gifts with contrasting paper inserts, fabric wrapping (furoshiki) bag,
box and envelope making, ribbon techniques including flower making as required.

The course can only be offered to clients who have already successfully completed
the full day ‘Introduction to Gift Wrapping’ course.

A wide variety of materials are used in this course and it is a very intensive day.
Materials, refreshments and a light lunch are provided.

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