Small Group Workshops

Small Group WorkshopWe can accommodate small groups of up to four people in our workshop. In the case of larger groups, please visit our Workshops Page.

Workshops can be whole day or half day. Please contact us to arrange a date and time that is convenient for you. Whole day workshops include a light lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Half day workshops include coffee or tea and cakes.

A certificate of competence is awarded to each participant.

Half day workshops start from £220.00 for up to four people.

Full day workshops start from £352.00 for up to four people.

During these workshops a broad range of gift wrapping techniques will be taught, allowing participants to gift wrap a good range of different items to a high standard.

With group workshops, there is an emphasis on enjoyment and sociability whilst learning a useful practical skill.

Please note: this is a ‘hands on’ practical course and involves standing up for most of the time. Please notify us in advance if you are disabled or have any other physical requirements. We will be delighted to assist you.